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Mindfulness During Isolation

Many of us are in isolation right now. I am here to share my top tips for coping with the isolation.

 1) Keep your mind occupied

It is common to focus on the restrictions and develop a negative mindset. You can prevent maladaptive thoughts by engaging in an activity where you learn new skills such as craftwork, practicing sport or learning a language. I have been learning Spanish and increasing my general knowledge about global politics.

I encourage you not to use social media too explicitly; I was spending too much time on social media so I have been restricting use of my phone. I have felt happier and less anxious as a result.

Have a look at the link below for some inspiration.


2)  Volunteer / Fundraise/ Be active in your local community

I am here because I have intended to help people overcome difficult situations for a while now, and my passion brought me to mind for life, who knows where yours will take you…

3) Exercise

Take a brisk walk, complete a fitness work out, and participate in a sport. Exercise promotes positive energy.

4) Communicate with other people

Get in touch with friends, family and other acquaintances you have and check in with how they are doing. Speaking to friends and family can help reduce loneliness.

5) Listen to the radio or a podcast

You will be amazed at the effect  playing the local radio or listening to a good podcast has upon your mood;  it enables you to get out of your own headspace whilst also making you feel less alone.

If you are struggling with a problem of any kind today, and you would like some support, please get in touch with us at info@mindforlife.org.au or call us on +62 449 601 435

To seek help from a clinical professional or in a time of crisis please contact:

Lifeline Australia: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636

Thank you for reaching out to us at Mind For Life and taking control of your health and happiness. 

Stay safe and remain calm,


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