Our Partners are a big part of what we do! 

This page contains information on organisations that we work closely alongside so you can learn more about them. 

We are always looking to partner with organisations where everyone involved can directly benefit from the relationships formed. 

By doing this we are also able to help provide education and resources to a much wider community, both here in Australia and overseas.

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Paz Perú

Paz Perú is an orphanage which looks after the needs of children and young women from 0 to 18 years old, These children and young women been abused sexually, experienced domestic violence and some of them have been abandoned because they have disability issues.

Paz Perú mission is to rescue those children and young women who need a new safe place to live and provide them with good care to support their daily living such as education and health care.

Paz Perú does not receive enough funds to help those in need. Therefore Mind for life is now working with Paz Perú by providing free online services from Australia. These services are related to mental health and self development training for staff and children.

Mind for Life has the opportunity to continue contributing and supporting this worthy cause and help to make a positive impact in the local community.  We need your help to continue providing these services. You can help by volunteering your skills and knowledge and help us make a difference. Contact us today!

Become part of an important cause by helping those that need it most.