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What exactly is Anxiety? Is this even a real thing? Are you too stressed at work? Is your mind freezing up during conversations? Are you having issues in your relationship that seem non-ending? Are you overthinking?

Ask yourself these questions, if you get ‘Yes’ as an answer then you might be dealing with anxiety. It’s the feeling that you are having within you. You are worrying all the time. Your mind would always come up with one thing or another to worry about.

No matter how much you try to think straight, how much you run from your fears, they still find some secret way to surround you. Aren’t they?

Whether it be a fear of public-facing, social phobia, fear of your health, or failing, your heart starts to sink as you see them coming.

You feel palpitations (faster heart beating), get angry, or feel uncomfortable even on small things and try not to pass out. That my friend is ‘ANXIETY’.

But trust me, you are not the only one who is feeling like this. This is an extremely common feeling these days among most of us as our lifestyle has changed drastically.


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Now that you know that you are dealing with some major anxiety symptoms that are taking a toll on your health and mind, you certainly asked this question yourself several times “What should I do to stop these feelings?”, “How can I help myself?”, “How can I conquer my fear?”

So, grab your cup of happiness, sit back and relax as we are going to learn how to use that fear as a weapon.

Let's Talk

  • One way to deal with mental health issues including anxiety is by expressing your issues, and your fears to others. Say it to someone who is dear to you or maybe if you feel you need to speak to your medical professional, then do that. There is no shame in it.

We at Mind for Life provide free online sessions at your convenience. You express your issue and we will connect you with the best practitioner who will help with the challenges you are currently facing in your life.

  • Name your fear and recognize what it is. Maybe you want to write it down or say it in your mind and accept it. Empty your mind on a paper. When we accept the truth, it becomes less intimidating. Moreover, when you build a habit of penning it down, you can organize your thoughts and it will be easy to take an action on them.
  • Identify the core cause of the fear, the situation, and the circumstances that trigger anxiety and try to get hold of them. Ask yourself what is troubling you. Once you are able to confront your fear, you will be able to draw a foolproof plan to conquer it.

“It’s Ok, to not be Ok. Just don’t give up”

If you are reading this till now, trust me you are already halfway through getting a better hold of your fears.

You must be thinking if you are not able to do all that stuff, all that fear of confrontation, if you do not have the courage to speak it out then what? Are there really effective quick-fix solutions to these mental health issues?

NO, but there are techniques that can help reduce your anxiety levels and keep you calm.


  1. Yoga or Meditation for anxiety: Try it for a few minutes every day. Just sit in a quiet place, relax, close your eyes and forget about everything. You will be definitely benefited.
  2. Listen to calm music: Tune in to your favorite music. Dance with it and enjoy it like no one is watching.
  3. Go out: Be it a nature walk, or a walk to your favorite shopping center, just get up and go out. Connect with nature and animals. These connections will definitely calm down your anxiety levels.
  4. Cook enjoyable meals: Cook your favorite food. Searching for healthy recipes and experimenting in your kitchen will make enormous changes in your mood levels.
  5. Be creative: Involve yourself in some coloring activities. Try drawing some beautiful pictures. This is a full-proof stress buster.
  6. Get into the shower: What can be more relaxing than taking a bath and washing away all your emotions?
  7. Phone a friend: Talk to someone. Even if you don’t want to express your feelings about what you are going thru just call for a little chit-chat.
  8. Read, read & Read: Get yourself into a habit of reading some empowering books. Be aware of your surroundings. Just be connected.
  9. Practice some breathing exercises: Take some deep breaths in and out whenever you are feeling angry because of your stress levels.
  10. Take a break from the news and social media: Start spending more time with your family & friends. You don’t need to know everything on the news & social media. Healthy conversations will create a huge impact.


Take out those fears from your life that are pulling you back. We know it is not easy to open up about such topics, however, if you feel that need to share, discuss something or have any queries, you are most welcome to contact us.


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