Two people holding hands outside.


By Roberta Smith
Life Coach/Counsellor

There is no doubt that the current pandemic has induced stress and anxiety upon the majority of people. Whilst coming to terms with long term social distancing and lockdown in some countries and states, it isn’t easy to maintain good relationships including friendships, familial relationships and personal relationships.

Keep in touch using Social Media

Reach out to your family using social media. I guarantee you and your family will appreciate it.

Social media has enabled us to keep in touch with facetime, video calls and phone calls. My family are all abroad, so we are all reliant on using social media and I am relieved that we all had this form of communication ahead of the virus.

If you struggle using social media, google is very informative, just try searching for ‘ how to use WhatsApp/ Facebook’ and you will find aYouTube tutorial there.

Take space from each other when you feel you need it.

Set aside a time to be by yourself. It’s important to make time for yourself. Every healthy relationship requires you to spend time apart.

Confront a problem to avoid consistent arguments

The important thing to do is not to blame yourself or your partner if you find it hard to get along with one another from time to time. It isimportant that you are honest and confront your partner about things which bother you. Before you do , think about how to address theproblem and do so in a respectful way. Consider how you would likeyour partner to address a problem with you, and use a similar tone and have the same consideration.

The additional financial and psychological stress may have prevented you from feeling like yourself, making it harder to be attentive and supportive towards your current partner.

Be kind to one another

It is a difficult time, and therefore it is important to be there for oneanother as well. Being there as a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to enables your partner to feel supported and respected for who they are as a person, and trust is maintained in your relationship. This is the same for friends as well, be there for one another and listen to one another without needing to necessary offer guidance.

Try to keep elements of similarity from before lockdown by establishinga self-care routine. Time spent away from home at work can be replaced with working from home with additional activities to continue andmaintain some independence. You could also have a night dedicated towhen you would normally spend time on your hobby or go out with a friend or partner, by making a virtual date or virtual online activity in your area of interest

I am thinking of all of you, whether you are currently in lockdown,isolation, or fortunate enough to be able to continue life whilstmaintaining a safe distance from others. My heart goes out to you, and I pray for your health and wellbeing.

Stay safe and remain calm.