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I believe I was suffering from diabetes for a long time before it was diagnosed, and it came from many years of eating the wrong foods and a lot of overeating. While I was working, I found myself eating on the run a lot which was often fast foods and high carb snack food which results in a lot of empty high-calorie meals. After being diagnosed with diabetes I was put onto medication for diabetes, cholesterol, and high blood pressure which I went along with for about 8 years and it never seemed to be getting any better as I was always busy and still doing things on the run and not listening to what my body was saying. A simple change in diet and losing a lot of weight changed everything for me. I found Mind For Life on 2015 when I was looking for information and support about eating healthy. Also I was offered to see the MFL nutritionist Lena Madry for an assessment and support to understand about holistic approach about eating healthy. Now I am medication free and found that healthy cooking at home is so easy and enjoyable and everybody can do it. When I met MFL I was happy to share this story with everyone and when you asked me to do a demonstration about cooking some simple easy food we did a few different meals which were fun so helping out as your home cook as a volunteer is a great way to help others see that they can help themselves become healthy as well. I believe everyone can.
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