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Helping to find the best part of you to shine through.

MFL focuses on a holistic approach through education and awareness of what you need to know about nutrition, physical and general well-being including overcoming mental health issues

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Do you need help to overcome stress?

Are you starting to feel overwhelmed by everything in your life?

Are you experiencing drastic lifestyle changes? 

Do you need help with managing your weight or health management?

Counselling & Coaching

The Program is suitable for ages 18-60 Years Old.

We are implementing a 12 week program educating

you on simple ways to get healthy.

Healthy Eating (first 7 weeks) 

Exercise Program (1 Week)

Adopting Healthy Eating Habits (2 weeks)

Healthy Cooking methods (1 Week)

Healthy Shopping tips (1 Week)

Weight Management Support

Weight Management Support

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We are running two hours of online workshops,

where our practitioners from various fields like




Life Coaching

will provide free health workshops.

Educational Workshop

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Tomas (Presenter)

Tomas (Presenter)

Navya (Counsellor)
Kiran (Health-Practitioner)
Jaya Baelani
Jaya Baelani
I volunteered for 6 months as Recruitment Coordinator and my experience was amazing. The team is extremely supportive and complete autonomy with how you do your job. This experience has definitely enhanced my professional graph and I thank the MFL team for it.
Jordan Muller
Jordan Muller
I've worked as a radio presenter for this volunteer organisation and it was a lot of fun! This org also gives really great health advice too!


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Suite 65,15 Terminus St, Castle Hill, NSW