Mind for Life empowers individuals to take action on their mental and physical health before medical intervention becomes necessary. Our team of experienced natural health professionals specialize in transforming mindsets in order to improve issues such as chronic illness, obesity and mental health.

Our unique approach is to increase understanding of holistic health through public awareness campaigns, particularly via video production and social media, there by reaching widespread communities.

FOR RELEASE July 16th 2019, Sydney

Contact: Beldluz Paredes
Email: beldluz@mindforlife.org.au


Charity organisation, Mind for Life, is keen to film a documentary, Overweight Mind Australia, in Western Sydney. It will offer holistic solutions to people with overweight issues. Their experienced health professionals will get to the root causes of obesity, taking into account thought patterns and lifestyle choices offering a unique and free way for locals to receive important information. Through this project, Mind for Life will connect with residents in the community to discuss their grocery choices and daily routines. A range of health practitioners (including a life coach, nutritionist, naturopath and food psychologist) will then discuss ways to improve nutrition, shift thought patterns and turn lives around. Mind for Life needs your support for the film production to go ahead. Residents of Seven Hills can help promote long term mental and physical health in their area by voting for Overweight Mind Australia in My Community Project between July 15th and August 15th by going to https://mycommunityproject.service.nsw.gov.au/. Obesity is a serious issue in Australia. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the 2017-2018 National Health Survey revealed that two thirds of Australian adults were overweight or obese. Reducing excess weight significantly reduces risk of chronic disease and improves mental wellbeing.

For more information on Mind for Life, please go to www.mindforlife.org.au