Mind For Life believes that establishing healthy habits is the key to achieving a healthy weight.


The Mind for Life management support team is run by holistic health practitioners and lifestyle  coaches who will support you on your journey to healthier eating and healthier living.

Our team will help you to achieve an understanding of  your unwanted habits relating to food addiction and procrastination behaviours that affect your motivational well-being.


 Our health practitioners and life coaches will work with you directly and tailor a program to support your needs. This may include the following:

  • Adopting healthier habits
  • Healthy eating, cooking and mindset development
  • Exercise program
  • Healthy shopping tips

Achieving a healthy weight doesn’t have a time frame – to keep a healthy weight is to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

This program is suitable for ages 18 – 55 years.

Help us support others to achieve healthier lives.