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Hypnosis – Proven Solution to Overcome Exam Stress, Insomnia and Lack of Focus

“Sheila’s (not real name) mum contacted me about her daughter’s excessive anxiety and stress about the HSC exams. As a mother of a teenage girl who is completing year 12 this year I can highly sympathise with the concern that parents have for their kids who are undergoing this stressful period in their lives.

Sheila also had an additional learning impairment (can’t mention it here because of privacy reasons) and experiencing other family related problems and she was feeling isolated and unable to sit down and focus on her studies.”

In a couple of sessions that combined hypnosis, Time Line Therapy TM and Neuro Science techniques she was able to gain her confidence back. Get a sense of peace, calm and happiness within herself.

We don’t know how well she will do in the tests yet but being in a calm state of mind and confidence and belief in yourself is highly important to success in any exams.

I would like other parents to know about this therapy. Parents sometimes spend thousands of dollars on private lessons, but if the mind and emotions are not in the right place this would not resolve the issue. I hear a lot about kids feeling so depressed that they are contemplating suicide, use drugs and alcohol. Why not take advantage of this natural quick, easy and relatively cost effective therapy to improve performance in tests, lower stress and increase self-esteem and confidence.

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Another success story is Joe who came to see me with his concerned lovely wife Marie (Not a real name).

Joe is a pensioner that undergone an operation last year and since then wasn’t able to sleep at night. He tried many different things to try to resolve this including seeing specialists, taking sleeping pills and going to a sleep lab. In a couple of sessions Gema was able to get him to sleep again without the sleeping tablets. She also has given him a recorded hypnosis CD of one of the hypnosis sessions and he has been using it to help himself fall asleep at night. He now sleeps most nights.

I would love to help many more people. My vision is for a much healthier and fitter population in Australia, and because hypnosis makes it so much easier for people to change entrenched habits, I feel blessed to be able to be part of bringing that vision to fruition.”

When hypnosis is used in a therapeutic setting it can be very effective in treating many different issues like addictions, emotional issues (depression and anxiety), phobias, social anxieties, exam stress, unwanted habits and also can be used to install positive habits and mindset.”

Gema made a career change after working for 20 years in IT and the corporate world. She felt she wanted to create positive change in the world and do meaningful important work. She has more than 10 years experience in the field now and has helped hundred of people transform their lives.

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