Daily Yoga Exercises To Enhance Your Mental And Physical Health

By Karthika Thomas
Counsel lor/yoga instructor at Mind For Life

Simple yoga exercises that fit into your daily routine to uplift your mood and promote a healthy lifestyle

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on our physical and psychological health and adversely affected our overall wellbeing. It has also greatly impacted people around the globe on a social, financial and environmental level. People have tended to feel more isolated or trapped, bored, stressed and anxious due to the uncertainty in the present and about the future. Severe financial constraints and deeply impacted social life, are all common topics that have been in the spotlight during this pandemic period.

There are so many blog posts, tutorials, self-help, community pages and websites at everyone’s fingertips that promote helpful tips to cope with COVID-19. Many of them talk about having a routine in your daily life that can improve mental health caused by increased isolation from others.

Fitness is among the most effective activities that can fit into your daily routine for holistic, healthy living. Keeping the body fit with exercises and healthy eating habits has proven to be effective in maintaining a healthy mind and body. Online social platforms have a number of tutorials and online classes in different types of fitness exercises that people can do in the comfort of their own home.

Yoga is an ancient Indian traditional form of physical and mental exercise that helps in connecting the body with the mind and promotes flexibility, strength, balance, and a relaxed mind. The beauty of Yoga is that it can be practiced anywhere as all you require is a little space and a yoga mat. Benefits of Yoga are listed and spoken about by countless people around the world.

Here are some Yoga asanas (poses) that you can do at home to uplift your mood to feel more positive and energised if you feel isolated living alone:

Marjariasana – Cat/cow pose

Vrikshasana- Tree pose

Ardha Halasana– Half Plough pose

Balasana- Child’s resting pose

Shavasana- Corpse pose

By incorporating these simple yoga exercises daily, it will help you feel more positive and relaxed and boost your mental and physical health and general wellbeing!.

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