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Your healthy weight loss journey with a high protein breakfast

Protein is the key ingredient of weight loss. Proteins are the building blocks of our body, required for overall growth & development and for balancing hormones. Hence incorporating them into your diet will show amazing health benefits.

You must have always heard that skipping breakfast is not a good habit and you will gain weight if you skip your breakfast. That to some extent is true. Eating healthy to lose weight is important because a proper diet is at least 80% of successful weight loss.

First, we need to understand the importance of breakfast and protein separately.

Why most people chose not to eat breakfast?

Well, I tell you my excuse… it’s simply that I don’t feel hungry in the morning. Right?

I guess most of you can relate to this.

For some, it might be because they have to wake up a bit early to be able to eat their breakfast and most of us say that we don’t have ample time to prepare it and eat it. What’s the big deal, huh?

The most important reason is that people don’t know the importance of eating a healthy breakfast.

Is it really bad to skip breakfast?

Studies suggest that skipping breakfast doesn’t matter as long as you are eating healthy for the rest of the day. Interesting, right?

This is true. Breakfast is basically “Break your Fast”, your first-morning meal after having dinner. The healthiest people we know tend to eat one meal per day or two meals per day, that is called Intermittent fasting which can do great things to your body.

The whole idea is to eat a healthy, high protein low carbs meal that will keep you full longer so that you don’t tend to adopt unhealthy eating habits.

Protein-rich breakfast is best.

So, listen to your body, everyone’s body is different, it’s your preference whether to eat breakfast or not but the bottom line is whenever you eat your first meal eat healthily.

You can find more information regarding Breakfast on Healthline.

What is the importance of high protein Breakfast?

High-protein foods and supplements are available everywhere these days. From your health practitioner to your gym trainer, everyone recommends eating more protein in your daily diet.

Have you ever wondered why?

There is a simple theory behind this. If you tend to eat more carbs and fatty food you will gain weight because carbs and fatty food are high in calories. If they will increase hence the weight will increase.

The more fiber and protein-rich food you eat, the more it will keep you fuller without actually giving you more calories to your body because it reduces cravings and overeating.

So, the bottom line is to lose weight you need to be in a calorie deficit. That is the only way to lose weight.

Eating food in a calorie-deficit way in the long term will help you in losing weight.

But remember only eating protein-based food will not help, you need to be consistent with physical exercise also. Unused protein is stored as fat in your body.

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Best high-protein food for Breakfast

Eggs are at the top of the list. Oatmeal is also a good option but in moderation as it comes with more carbs. Greek yogurt is another food that is high in protein. Bananas are also a great alternative to your sugary cereals to satisfy your sweet cravings in the morning. They are high in fiber and low in calories.

Let’s pen down a list of high-protein foods.

  1. Scrambled eggs/Boiled eggs
  2. Omelet
  3. Peanut butter with brown bread
  4. Avocado toast
  5. Almond milk
  6. Protein smoothies or shakes
  7. Sprouted pulses
  8. Pancakes made with pulses
  9. Oatmeal
  10. Greek yogurt with some mixed fruit & berries
  11. Nuts

Remember, your journey to weight loss doesn’t end with a healthy breakfast, that is just a start of a day. For healthy weight loss, you need to fill your diet with whole nutritious food throughout the day.

Here are some delicious recipes to fuel your morning.

Cheesy Spinach Omelet

This omelet is easy and quick enough to make for your busy morning. This I slow in carbs also. You will definitely love the flavor and how easily it comes together.

Recipe Card of Cheesy spinach Omelet

Remember that everyone’s body is different, listen to your body and make conscious choices. We at MFL can help you curate your protein requirement according to your body type and weight. If you are one who is struggling in keeping healthy choices and lifestyle, we are here for you.

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