Coping In A Crisis

By Roberta Smith
Counsellor, Mind For Life
How to combat feelings of loneliness and isolation due to COVID-19
The pandemic is a recent crisis which has isolated a lot of us, myself included. I was fortunate enough to have my sister with me and I moved in to live with her when I realised the lockdown was scheduled to happen at any moment.
I can empathise with how other people feel when they like their own space and live alone but are unable to see their friends as before.
Here are a few helpful suggestions which may assist you when you are feeling alone:
Virtual Social Life
Whilst social events are not allowed due to restrictions in some countries, there is nothing to stop you from having a chat with friends online via social media. I recommend that you try organising regular video chats via Skype or Zoom with friends and family. I have found them to be a great alternative to face to face contact and if you have a good internet connection, there is no limit to how many people you can chat with on a Zoom call.
I recommend that you download Zoom for video chats which allows a high number of users. You can also use Facebook Messenger for smaller groups as it has been found that the sound is clear and not distorted. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude for technology and developments in social media which have enabled me to keep in touch with family who live in different countries.
Self Care
I have been listening to my body more often through regular meditation and maintaining a healthier diet. I find that keeping healthy both mentally and physically through regular exercise and a balanced diet ensures that I maintain a positive and proactive attitude, despite the current crisis we’re in.
Here are a few feel good foods which I eat on a regular basis to help keep me energised:
Here are some tasty recipes that you can try making at home:
Yellowfin Fish Curry
Teriyaki Beef Stir fry
Mango Berry Swirl Smoothie
Lebanese Chicken & Rice- Riz ala’ dajaj
Speak up and share your problems
I have found that speaking up during this lockdown period has helped me to speak my mind and think about things more clearly with some perspective on the situation. I don’t stress about things which are out of my control now. I found that keeping a gratitude journal has helped me get out my feelings as well and express thoughts which perhaps I haven’t wanted to share with friends and family.
You can also take advantage of our free coaching and counselling service to help with any challenges you may be currently facing. See the link below for more information on booking a session with one of our qualified health practitioners
Now that restrictions have eased, I meditate using YouTube.(See the link below for a recent one which I used) I find that ten minutes of meditation is sufficient for me to maintain the focus on my breath and body. At times, I am able to meditate for longer using Headspace. (Please see the link below)
Expand your mind by learning new skills
I have found that sharing new experiences with others such as learning to surf and skate has been beneficial during this COVID-19. It has provided me with something to focus on other than the pandemic and has relieved some stress.
I am also a little scared of the waves in the ocean, and so it has been a good excuse to gain more confidence, so that I am safe when out in the sea.
By learning healthy ways to cope in a crisis, it will make you, the people you care about, and your community that much stronger and more resilient!
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Thank you for reaching out to us at Mind For Life and taking control of your health and happiness. Stay safe and remain calm.
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