Trusting Your Instincts: Doing The Things Which You Are Afraid Of

By Roberta Smith
Life Coach/Counsellor, Mind For Life
We have all felt fear of the unknown at some point in our lives and change can be quite difficult to cope with.
Think about the last time you were asked to do something that scared you and felt that sudden moment of panic and immediately your head was filled with apprehension thinking ‘What If something bad happens?’
It’s inevitable that once you start training your thoughts to be analytical, it’s going to be harder to live in the moment and act before you think. Most of the time, that is the smart and rational thing to do.
For example, I get a little nervous when I go into the sea and there are waves. The waves don’t have to be big, but just ferocious enough for me to question my own safety, even when the water is just knee deep!
To some of you, that seems a little silly I am sure, but think about what you’re afraid of and now imagine yourself in that situation facing this fear.
The way we can encourage ourselves to try something new is to stop thinking about the what if’s.
Here are some simple steps you can take to live more in the present rather than worrying about the outcome of an upcoming activity or event:
Practice trying new things as often as possible
Enjoy the originality and keep life exciting, fresh and vibrant by undertaking new activities and acquiring new skills.
Share the novelty with a friend, family member or significant other
Having a stable support system in place helps you to relax and keep calm, so that you can enjoy yourself a lot more
Establish a centred and tranquil sense of self
You need to be calm and relaxed before you can embrace the new activity and execute it effectively. Try some simple deep breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth, counting to five slowly each time.
Take baby steps when trying new things such as a new hobby or sport
I recently started attending a weekly yoga class and I enjoy feeling part of the community in my new home.
By incorporating these simple and effective techniques, you will start trusting yourself more to use your intuition to get the most enjoyment out of life!
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