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Ways the pandemic has helped us connect with the most important
things in life

By Karthika Thomas 

Counsellor/Yoga Instructor at Mind For Life 

Have you wondered why the world is only focusing on the negatives of this pandemic period? Do you think there is a positive side to this phase too? It is human nature to tend to weigh the pros and cons of any given situation, so why only focus on the negatives of this pandemic when you can look at the positive side too? Remember, there are always two sides to every coin.

Connecting with family

Half of the population around the world is complaining about lockdown and being homebound 24/7. While the other half are thanking the stars for getting a much desired break from work and being able to spend time with their family again.

For many new parents, staying at home or working from home has been a blessing in helping them to bond with their new families without having to worry about work. The closing of schools and childcare centres for the safety of their children has helped parents and families at large connect with their children and learn new things about them that they had missed during their busy daily routine before the lockdown.

No more mindless consumption

The lockdown has helped families save up on a number of expenses. Closing of schools and childcare centres has aided in saving up on weekly or monthly school fees. Eating healthy at home has become a top priority for most people in order to help build immunity and stay healthy against Covid-19. The reduction in frequent dining out and take out has been helpful on their pockets as well. No unnecessary shopping, travelling, or needlessly spending money on luxury items. This has helped people understand the importance of focusing on and prioritising the ‘essential consumption’ lifestyle.

Cooking and learning new recipes, watching those Gordon Ramsay cooking videos and trying out ‘MasterChef’ style food at home, bonding with family over the dining table and making the most out of this situation has helped many stay optimistic during these unprecedented times

A breath of fresh air

The environment has benefited a great deal with the  worldwide lockdown.
Climatological studies around the world have revealed much cleaner air quality as a result of pollution being reduced worldwide. This is mainly due to the reduction in carbon monoxide emissions from vehicles with lower usage of greenhouse gas emitting transport, such as the grounding of several passenger flights that have accounted to the reduction in air pollution. Climate researches have credited the massive repair in the ozone layer due to dramatic reductions of ozone-depleting substances that have resulted from the global lockdown during this pandemic (Meaghanwray, 2020). Looking at the upside of this pandemic, it can undoubtedly be considered that Covid-19 has helped Mother Nature to press the reset button and heal her environment.

Prioritising health

The pandemic has given us a deeper understanding of the importance of taking our health more seriously. More attention is being given to eating healthy immunity boosting foods, exercising and staying fit, getting a good amount of sleep, taking breaks between work to relieve mental stress, getting tested for Covid-19, and the general prioritising of holistic health can be considered an upside during these extraordinary times. Adhering to safety measures laid down by WHO and practicing social distancing to prevent being infected from the virus has improved the health conditions for a lot of people around the world.

So, cheer up! Look at the positive side of the coin.

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning how to

dance in the rain.”

– Vivian Greene.

Meaghanwray. (2020, March 26).
Ozone layer repairing, redirecting wind flows, new study says Global News.


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