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Simple strategies to remain mentally strong and resilient in the face of uncertainty

By Karthika Thomas

Counsellor/ Yoga Instructor, Mind For Life

Have you just been let go from your work? Do you feel increasingly stressed about being unemployed? Do you blame yourself for being stuck in your current situation?

Being unemployed can be an extremely stressful thing to happen. But when you
lose your job during a global pandemic, it is even more daunting than normal.
Don’t worry, it is only human nature to feel distressed, especially if you have
monthly household bills and expenses to deal with. Financial hardship is among
the most common reasons for causing depression amongst people worldwide
during the current COVID-19 period. Uncertainty about your future may add to
the on-set of anxiety and panic, making it even more difficult to sail through this
challenging time.

The most common symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress while being
unemployed are:

• Feeling hopeless
• Low self-esteem and self-confidence
• Lack of sleep and appetite
• Distancing yourself from friends, family and colleagues
• Blaming yourself for being unemployed
• Alcohol dependence
• Binge eating or unhealthy eating habits
• Avoiding social situations
• Sudden weight loss or weight gain
• Negative or unhelpful thoughts

Isolation and loneliness during a period of unemployment can lead to
severe symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress during these
unfortunate times of COVID-19. Nevertheless, there are several ways
that you can adapt to feel more optimistic and to retain a positive
mindset during this unprecedented period:

Blaming yourself for losing your job is not the answer to your problems

You need to take into consideration that unemployment is a global problem during this pandemic. Millions of people around the world have lost their jobs as a result of mandatory lockdown due to COVID-19. You must remind yourself that you are not alone in this. You must also remember that unemployment is not permanent where sooner or later things are going to turn around for the better.

Planning the day and scheduling activities for yourself

This can keep your mind occupied and help you avoid having irrational thoughts. Find some time for activities and hobbies that you have always wanted to do. Enrol in some online courses that may enhance your professional development. Planning your day will help keep you more organised and engaged.

Socialising with family, friends and colleagues will help you feel better

Vocalizing your emotions and feelings with others during these times may give you a sense of relief. Talking it out with your family members, friends, colleagues or anyone you trust may help you get the needed support you require.

Avoid resorting to alcohol or other drugs to avoid feeling unhappy

Alcohol and other drugs are forms of depressants that may result in worsening already existing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Exercising regularly and eating healthy

This will help you maintain a healthy mind and body that is very essential to feel positive. Including any form of exercise in your daily routine will not only keep your mind busy, but also give you the required energy to power through your daily routine. It also helps you to feel more lighter and brighter throughout the day.

Just remember that most of your stress comes from the way you respond to situations and not the way life actually is. By simply adjusting your attitude and how you see things, you will be able to find new opportunities to grow in mind, body and spirit! 


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Counsellor/ Yoga Instructor

As a passionate and empathetic counsellor in training and a Yoga instructor, I aim to integrate the traditional Himalayan methods of Yoga into my counselling practice and individualize it to support people who experience several mental, emotional and physical health concerns. With the best of both worlds of Yoga and Counselling, I hope to extend my helping hand to the community and assist them in healing holistically.

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