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By Roberta Smith
Life Coach/Counsellor

How well do you sleep? Be honest, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep with external/internal factors of our life, worried about tomorrow’s project? Worried about that assignment that you handed in last week? And/or Relationship problems? The list is endless. Nevertheless, people  like you and me all have different ways of ‘seizing our day’ (carpe diem)  and how long we’ve slept really impacts the next day.

Lack of sleep contributes to a range of mental health issues such as panic attacks, anxiety attacks, depression, anger and stress. In order to combat those issues, it is essential that you are conscious of your own self and  the way you feel and act on your emotions, this allows for a relaxed and healthy mind. 

Our mental health is very much connected to our physical health, sometimes we do not notice it ourselves but when we are becoming stressed or anxious, we would generally not have an appetite leading to severe weight loss, headaches and other health problems. This is an example of how mental health affects our physical state as well. There  are ways to be holistically healthy to allow for a healthy state of mind.

Try to listen to your inner thoughts and instead of putting yourself down, or lacking confidence. Try to believe in yourself and manifest that positivity you will notice the difference instantly.

Note down how your day went, what did you accomplish? What did you not accomplish? Sometimes it is the small things in life that count more.

Stressed from work or university? Try taking a small break even if its 30 seconds to – 30 minutes. Take a deep breath, go do something you love, go play with your children, and cuddle your puppy or kitten. Doing so will  help you reset and come back fresh.

Physical exercise daily benefits your mental health, feeling overwhelmed?  Take a brisk walk or feeling angry? Take it out on the weights. Burning your calories and those negative vibes as well.

Eating healthy and foods of nutritional value leave you feeling better than a Big Mac meal. Getting in touch with a nutritionist today and finding out what  works for you!

Sometimes helping an old lady cross the road will leave you with a big smile on your face or sparing some change to the person behind you can  do the same. This will leave you feeling as though you made a difference in the world and that feeling is incredible one. 

It’s important to know that these steps do not need to be taken in order. Missing out on a step will not be the end of the world. Every small action  you take towards being a better self will lead to a positive state of mind.

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