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We are specialists in video production for the promotion of health and wellbeing initiatives. We work within the community on projects that promote the holistic message of a healthy body and healthy mind.

Community Promotional Video Production

To transform the body, we must first transform our minds so that new habits can be formed. Our video production team collaborates with our Mind For Life health practitioners. Benefiting from their wide knowledge base, we create promotional videos that convey vital health information and practical skills.  This information includes:
  • Prevention and awareness of mental health issues
  • The importance of good nutrition
  • How to ensure your diet is nutrient rich
  • Education on the benefits of exercise
  • Awareness of the health dangers of no exercise
  • Recommended exercises for beginners
  • Cooking instructions and examples of healthy meals
  • Healthy drink choices for a balanced diet

Holistic Healthcare Videos to Promote Your Health Practice

The growing popularity of natural medicine points to a golden opportunity for your health practice. Promotional videos that educate your potential clients on the benefits of your holistic health services will prove influential in attracting clientele. Now is the time to advertise the specialized care that your practice provides. Using video, we can showcase the talent and charisma of your health practitioners so that a connection is made with potential clients even before they step into your practice. By customizing different videos for a variety of promotional platforms, we can ensure that your message hits home with the right viewers at the right time.

A holistic healthcare video can:

  • Express the benefits to clients of your service
  • Educate your market about your innovative healthcare services
  • Attract clientele organically
  • Build your brand with attractive visuals
  • Promote the health team at your practice
  • Create different messages for different platforms

Corporate and Business Video Production

We offer business promotion and branding through video production for corporate and business clients. In the last few years, the world has become more focused on visual media like video and images. Especially with the rise of the smartphone, more videos are being watched every day. If your business is not making use of this huge development, you are missing out on connecting to a very large audience indeed.

If you know you should be making videos, but you don’t know where to start, we can help. Videos can be used for education targeted at peers, students, clients, or professionals at your next conference. One of the most valuable marketing assets for business are case studies. Videos make great case studies because they show the faces of the people vouching for your business. Being such an immediate medium, videos are very influential.

Here’s what our videos can do for you:

  • Create a comprehensive brand for your company
  • Create a face to your business name
  • Impart important information to clients
  • Welcome clients to your website
  • Provide instructional help to your clients to add value
  • Put your company on the map with increased visibility

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