Mind for Life


Mind for Life: Running HELP (Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program) to Fight Against Obesity and Mental Health Issues

Establishing healthy habits is the key to achieving a healthier you. We are here to help, Come and join our weight loss program HELP (Healthy Eating and Lifestyle Program), run by our Accredited Practicing Dietitian who can guide you step by step on your weight loss journey, help you with small changes at a time to improve your total well being and mind. Set yourself for a healthier you, prevent complications of chronic diseases. The Program is suitable for ages 18-60 Years Old. We are implementing a 12 week program educating you on simple ways to get healthy.

Healthy Eating (first 7 weeks) 

Exercise Program (1 Week)

Adopting Healthy Eating Habits (2 weeks)

Healthy Cooking methods (1 Week)

Healthy Shopping tips (1 Week)


Together, lots of small changes can make a big difference

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