Mind for Life

Swathi Bitra

I am Swathi working as web designer for MindForLife.I completed Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering.I have few years of experience in web designing and development. I am passionate about website & digital designing that focuses on user experience and user- eccentric methodologies.I have worked on projects including commercial and client facing websites that involve creating website mock ups and developing them into front end builds using core web technologies.

As a web designer for MindforLife, I design and develop landing pages for various marketing and promotional campaigns and managing the Google ads account in implementing and optimising the created campaigns.Also,I have been involved in re-designing and development of the website.

I am highly interested in learning new things and always motivated to utilize my skills and expertise for a good cause and i strongly believe in MindForLife Mission to empower and educate the individuals to a Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body through holistic health practices.

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