Mind for Life


Jay Vee is a health and fitness professional based in Hornsby. As a father, sports coach and personal trainer, he is passionate about connecting with the local community, to discuss the importance of health and happiness. Through the Mind Over Weight program, Jay Vee aims to help people achieve their personal health and well-being goals in a safe and supportive environment, where people can be themselves

Jay Vee’s focus is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals. His philosophy is simple “I believe in creating lifetime changes. In order to do that, you must first develop a strong mindset, which will help create a strong body” says Jay Vee. Drawing strength from his own life experiences, Jay Vee uses EFT (tapping therapy) to complement his physical training techniques, and has achieved powerful results. He dispels the myths of fad and low carb diets, and teaches people how to increase their metabolism and become a fat burning machine. Combining healthy eating with weights and high metabolic training techniques, Jay Vee shows his clients how to transform themselves into lean, strong, and happy individuals. Jay Vee works with people of all ages, all body types and he has helped many people transform themselves, both inside and out.

When Mathew from North Ryde first met Jay Vee, he was in his early 30’s and he weighed over 140 kg. In his time with Jay Vee, Mat dropped over 40kg, not to mention huge improvements in his strength, body shape, and new mindset which has given him the confidence to pursue whatever he chooses. Mat says this has made a huge impact on his life, it has made him a “fit, confident and trim young man”.

Jay Vee’s personal background is as a sportsman (mainly football) but then injuries led to a change in direction and he took up natural body building. Like most people he read magazines, books, and listened to all the media hype of how he should train and what he should eat. It wasn’t until he enlisted the help of his coach who showed him how to achieve the best training results.

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