Mind for Life

“Supporting the community in overcoming mental and physical health issues is my passion in life”

– Beldluz Paredes.

Beldluz Paredes


Beldluz has training in life coaching, NLP, TLT and clinical hypnotherapy and is fully qualified in these fields. In the last 10 years, she has focused on community media projects, including stream-live media and radio show production for 5 different radio stations around Sydney. Most recently, she has brought that media experience to offer video production to the local community and businesses.

As Director of Mind For Life, Beldluz works to help educate the community about lifestyle choices, mindfulness and belief patterns. Through Mind For Life’s personal holistic self-development plans, people at risk for mental health issues are able to develop a healthy mind for a healthy body. These plans lead to long-term, permanent positive changes for the participants.

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