Mind for Life


"MFL promotes general well-being, and believes that a healthy MIND leads to a healthy BODY for life. We focus on online support, prevention and awareness, with educational programs for our community in overcoming mental health and overweight issues."

Our Mission

Mind For Life is a charitable organization aiming at empowering individuals to acquire the tools they need to create real and tangible change in their lives.

We have a team of experienced natural health professionals with backgrounds in mental health, health and fitness, nutrition and naturopathy as well as psychology.

We aim to provide an understanding of how the mind, the physical body, the emotions and our mindset, are all interrelated when building a healthier and fitter life.

Australians are facing an epidemic of obesity issues, with many already suffering from chronic diseases due to being overweight. People are misunderstanding the confusing information about diet, nutrition and exercise that is released by the media on a daily basis.

Individualised holistic treatment will form the basis of our services to help our clients gain a healthy lifestyle and understand the driving factors behind the obesity epidemic. We will therefore help them avoid the large range of related health conditions associated with obesity. Working towards the elimination of obesity will have an impact on the following diseases:

  1. Coronary heart diseases
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Stroke
  4. Diabetes
  5. Abnormal blood fats
  6. Metabolic syndrom
  7. Cancer
  8. Osteoarthritis
  9. Sleep apnoea
  10. Obesity hypoventilation syndrome
  11. Reproductive problems
  12. Gallstone and others
The Mind For Life team aims to create a different and unique approach to the community through the awareness, knowledge and understanding of the importance of holistic health. We encourage members of the community to take action today for a better future for our children, and to enjoy good health into our old age.All our services will be free of charge for the general community with the exception of individual sessions.

The Mind For Life Team will be providing free individual services to those people who hold a Concession or Health Care Card only.

a woman gently holding the hand of an older gentleman

Our Vision

To be a leading Australian charity organisation, who specializes in providing free early intervention services and supports to people in our communities, especially those with chronic illness and mental health issues.


Director Beldluz Paredes and Executive Directors Lena Madrey and Gema Rubber work with a talented team of professionals to accomplish Mind for Life’s goals and mission.

Lena Madrey


Gema Rubber


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