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Our Radio Team




Radio Host Triple H 100.1FM
Every Monday 12 - 1PM

I host a Mind for Life Radio Show on TripleH community radio every week which reaches an audience of around 76,000.  In the coming months, we are looking towards expanding the radio show all around Sydney: South, North, West and East.

Our Aim with the Radio Show is to interview politicians, government representatives, health practitioners and others to share their health concerns and plans to tackle these issues.  We also propose to talk to everyday people facing and tackling challenges who will open up so we can all learn from their struggles.  We aspire to provide people from the community who identify themselves as facing similar issues with solutions and inspiration.




Radio Co-Host Triple H 100.1FM
Every Monday 12 - 1PM

Tony Studans first encountered Mind For Life as a participant in a community weight loss clinic conducted by Mind For Life.  From this he became a volunteer, a radio host, and now a board member of Mind For Life.  He is on his own journey to better health, and it is this personal perspective that drives him to bring the Mind For Life message to the community.

Contact Tony on




Radio Host SWR Radio 99.9FM
Every Monday 12 - 1PM

Zuzi studied at the University of Western Sydney – Nepean (Theatre) and at the University of Technology – Sydney (BA Communication – directing and scriptwriting). Since graduation Zuzi has worked as an actor, director, scriptwriter, playwright, coach, drama teacher, reporter, editor, TV host as well as, after gaining her accreditation from MEAA, a stunt performer.

After having her children Zuzi got involved in working with the community as a teacher, coach, mentor and a program and events manager. Zuzi works closely with refugees, children at risk and women leaving abusive relationships. Her goal is to help them express their experience and discover their voice through self-devised theatre. Ultimately, Zuzi hopes to make a more positive and caring environment for our children to grow up in.

Having suffered from Anorexia and battling depression and anxiety for years, finally subduing them, Zuzi is thrilled to be part of the Mind of Life radio team and hopes to make a difference in the wider community by breaking down the taboos of mental health issues and bringing about an understanding as well as a solution to the issues facing everyone today. Zuzi's goal is to help create a healthy community; a community that communicates, shares, cares and looks to the future. Zuzi’s greatest achievements are her daughters, Kira and Kisha.




Radio Host Bondi Radio 100.1FM
Every Sunday 7 - 9AM

Pariya is a Sydney based presenter, model, producer, and amongst other things a photobomb enthusiast and aspiring radio host.

She co-hosted the online TV series Out & About which opened the door for her to create, produce and direct her own show - Our Face in Your Space.

Pariya’s love of music became evident when she hosted the online show Hip Hop TV. Meeting and interviewing different artists made Pariya recognise her passion for wanting to work in the music industry.

Currently Pariya is working at one of Australia’s top radio stations expanding her networks, knowledge and experience in the industry she loves.

If you would like to get in touch with Pariya, please do not hesitate to contact her via Facebook or email




Radio Co-Host Bondi Radio 100.1FM
Every Sunday 7 - 9AM

Joe is a Sydney based lawyer, tech entrepreneur and broadcaster with a passion for health and well-being. 

Joe's interest in Mind for Life comes from a desire to help people overcome  difficulty and flourish to be the best they can be. Joe can contacted by email at





Peter Nochar was employed in the Automobile and later Motorcycle Industry. He joined BMW (GB) as National Sales Manager in 1982 and during this period BMW made first ranking in the Luxury Car Segment. In 1990, he purchased a small BMW dealership in Winchester expanding it into one of the top 20 sites in the UK, then in 1994 he re-joined BMW and went to Saudi Arabia then to BMW Japan as Operations Director.

In 1997 he became President of Volkswagen Japan and led the Company to the number 1 importer position for the first time. In 2001 he was asked to start-up and re-establish Volkswagen in Australia. 

My passion for Mind for Life comes from a long held wish to see more people take charge of their own life and to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

Steve Price the Melbourne shock radio jock and presenter on the Project (channel 10) has been transformed recently having lost weight on a mostly animal free diet regime. Anything I can do to help in this space is a valuable use of my time and energy and I hope to be part of this team which makes a difference to peoples lives.





Jae-Gon is a junior doctor at a large tertiary Sydney hospital and throughout his journey, has had a enormous exposure to various co-morbidities related to poor diet, lack of exercise and unhealthy lifestyle.  This led him to join forces at Mind for Life to contribute to spreading the message and thereby increasing awareness in a fun and stimulating way through intellectual discussions on your local community radio.




Radio Host Alive FM 90.5FM
Every Sunday 7 - 9AM

Ho moved to Sydney in the mid 90's from Korea and consider myself a cultural hybrid; best and worst from both worlds. 

I have background in communications and media as well as economics which hopefully makes for a healthy combination of both practical honesty and a calculative efficiency.

My vision is for the community to have better and cheap access to advice and information from experts so no one is left out.  I am content with being challenged but like it if there are rewards and love it when successful therefore when an opportunity presented itself to be a voice for Mind For Life this became a self challenge and mission to fulfil that vision.

Contact -  




Radio Host Penrith WOW FM 100.7FM
Every Sunday 7 - 9AM

My purpose  for becoming involved involved with the Mind for Life radio programme is I have been a Health and Lifestyle coach for many years, also a lecturer for Weight Watchers.  I am  concerned about health and well being, and interested in interviewing and providing education to our communities on ways to improve in these areas

I am a mother of 10, working part time, and have lived and worked overseas with ngo's in India and Africa.