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Mind For Life Projects

                                              Mind For Life Projects 

  • Comunity Supports Groups 
  • Health Workshops 
  • Health Seminars
  • Cooking Demonstrations 
  • Radio Shows promoting awareness , prevention and  Holistic solution about mentall health issues and Obesity issues 
  • Personal Growth Development-Workshops
  • High School Self-Eesteam Workshops
  • Training and Mental Self-Development for Coorperation and Community Organistasion staffs

All our services  are free of Charge

How community support group works? 

  • Free monthly meetings Promote awareness and understanding of the underlying factors behind mental health issues and obesity also how to avoid them.  Our holistic health professional team get together to provide this services to the community such as a Psychologist, Nutritionist, Naturopath, Personal NLP Coaching, Personal Trainer, Hypnotherapy, Chiropractic and Others.
  • Educate through a unique, positive and holistic approach Teach participants about the importance of Mind Set and emotional resilience
  • Goal setting
  • Ongoing support Group therapy sessions and individual Counselling available
  • Individualised holistic treatment and advice
  • All services are free of charge.


     sCommunity support Group

Health Workshops Projects

Raising Awareness and Prevention Focusing on providing solutions with Holistic information and General Advice For Mental Health & Obesity Issues. 

There is a lack of right lifestyle choices amongst the community which is giving rise to mental health issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, blood pressure and diabetes.  In order to overcome these issues, people are becoming dependent on medication.  The majority of the community believe, they can eat and drink whatever they want and when they get sick the doctors will provide them with a magic pill that will fix their ailment or problem.  What the community is failing to understand at large is, the medical profession does not study natural health care instead they focus on disease care.  The disease is NOT the illness; in fact, illness is a collection of signs that the body starts showing in an attempt to heal itself.  The real illness is caused by the slow poisoning over a passage of time owing to unhealthy diet or lifestyle choices.  It is very important to realize that there are no quick fixes for health; even the medicines prescribed for a disease have their own share of side effects.  The only long-term solution to the problem is a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle along with building one's self-esteem and optimism.

The deeper understanding I gained while working in this field motivated me to create Mind for Life, which aims to provide the community with a unique and holistic approach towards a healthy mind and body.  Mind for Life as the name denotes, is an organization which aims to make the community healthier and fitter for life.  Our professional team comes together to volunteer for the community.  The main volunteering activities include advising common citizens regarding mental and physical health along with providing steps that can be taken to reap a better future for our children and fewer health issues for ourselves in elderly life.

Clinic Project

Mind for Life plans to run a clinic for the people who suffer from overweight or obesity issues, particularly those with concession cards. The clinic will provide treatment programs with our team of professionals in various areas of health specialties such as nutrition, life coaching, psychology, fitness, mental health, and more. This will involve the ongoing cost of renting a clinic space and the wages of staff and practitioners that provide the service. Each client will be screened to determine the appropriate program they will be assigned to, and the practitioner will work closely with the client for up to 7 sessions. After the program, clients will be encouraged to continue attending our community support groups to maintain the efficacy of the treatments.

Based on our initial plan, the clinic will be set up at in Blacktown and the estimated rental expenses (including facility expenses) are $20,000 per year. Other operating costs will include utilities, practitioner fees, administration expenses, etc.