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We believe being fit isn't just about your reflection in the mirror; it involves how you feel and move, as well as how your health effects the people in your life, including children, family and friends. If you focus on those elements rather than your appearance, you will see a transformation. Mind for life can help you reach that transformation to build yourself and the relationships around you stronger and healthier.


You want a positive change and you want it to happen fast, its frustrating to keep thinking about what you want and not being able to get there. The negative thoughts and habits are tying your feet and want to free yourself once and for all.
Mind for life in the effort to help you get where you want to is offering a free clinic providing life coaching and counselling to build yourself and your relationships stronger and healthier. We with our competent team can help you get your own customized peace, mind and body package. Its an opportunity not be missed .


There is only one requirement we want to work with people who are COMMITTED to make an effort towards a positive lifestyle change.
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