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Mind For Life Ambassador

Yolandi Franken is a philanthropist, film producer and part time model/presenter. Although her official career title is Head of Production at a film production company, she also dedicates a large number of her time to support the community and charities such as Teal Wings of Hope (Ovarian Cancer Awareness)  on which she is a board member and runs a charitable film festival called Cause Film Festival. In 2015 she was nominated Australian of the Year. Yolandi is also currently Mrs World Australia and recently returned from China where she competed in the International contest. She is married to a very supportive husband.

Yolandi's mission and vision for working with the Mind For Life organisation

Through being involved in the Mind for Life Organisation I am hoping to help making a difference in the lives of others (particularly young people) and instill in them the foundations and knowledge on which they can grow and develop into stronger, healthier and happier people. I am hoping to use my own experiences, challenges and achievements to be a role model for others.

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