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Our Team - The Self Development Team

We would like to introduce the members of our Self-Development team.

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NLP and Life Coach Trainer Team Leader

I am NLP, Time Line Therapy, Hypnotherapy Trainer.

I have several years of experience in private practice as a practitioner, and my areas of expertise and interest include: depression and other mood issues; anxiety and anxiety disorders and related issues; stress management; relaxation training; adjustment to life challenges, transitions and change; adult survivors of abuse.

Working with all types of Depression and Over Weight issues is a particular area of interest to me and one of my strong points.  I have had much experience in the field of Depression treatments.   Using my experiences in this field has been very rewarding because it gives me the intimate knowledge to deal with the main issue of a person's life and with NLP Therapy it only takes a few sessions to resolve instead of months or years as is in other types of therapy.  I am so excited to be working with and supporting the charity organisation Mind For Life and Mind Over Weight project with MoW team.

We will be able to help the community to overcome this serious issue providing training, such as; Health seminars, Support groups, Individuals Support and other workshops which will focus the awareness in your health around our community




Hypnotherapist NLP Master Practitioner  and Life Coach 

Gema is a qualified NLP Trainer, Clinical Hypnotherapist (Diploma VETAB) and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™. She also had training in NLP life coaching and Rapid Coaching Academy.  She is a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapy Association (AHA).

For many years I have worked in various size organizations being exposed to different aspects of the business including marketing, finance and IT.  Even though I was very comfortable I wasn't very happy with my career.  I always felt I could do more and contribute more doing something different.  I embarked on a self-exploration and research journey in which I discovered that my deepest passion is working with people and helping them resolve their life issues.  This was a passion I had and long forgotten about since I was a young girl.  I also realized that I could use my creativity and problems solving skills doing what I am doing now. 
My Vision is: A pain free world where humanity reaches its highest inner potential and interconnectedness.
My missions: Help people overcome mental and emotional issues and achieve better health and better life by understanding themselves and their mind and utilising their inner resources.

 www.gastric-band-hypnosis.com.au and www.betterlivinghypnosis.com.au


Registered Psychologist

Dianne is a Registered Psychologist with over 13 years of training and experience consulting with people of all ages, with various difficulties, from all walks of life.  Dianne has also received extensive advanced training in the CBT approach called “Solution-Focused Brief Therapy” which is (as the name suggests) future-focused, goal-directed, and focuses on solutions, rather than on the problems that brought clients to seek therapy.  Dianne is also an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society, a nationally registered Psychologist, as well as an EAP, Medicare and Workcover registered service provider.  Dianne is committed to her ongoing professional development.

Dianne is a specialist in human behaviour and is successful, in partnership with her clients, in identifying and better understanding thoughts, feelings and behaviours, both past and present, that are creating mental, physical or emotional suffering in one form or another.  Dianne’s focus is firstly on developing a trusting and safe relationship with her clients and secondly on the therapeutic model of being primarily solution-focused.  Dianne works especially well with people of all ages experiencing anxiety, relationship difficulties, parenting difficulties, depression and mood disturbances, stress, grief, personality disorders, workplace issues, confidence and self esteem worries and general life and wellbeing difficulties.  Some people just need support and guidance as they navigate their way through challenging situations or move in new life directions, working with Dianne will help you achieve your goals.




Louise Jeffrey is an Eating Psychology Coach and Psychotherapist who helps men and women with food, weight and body challenges to transform their relationship with food and their body.  She runs a busy practice in North Sydney and Neutral Bay.  Louise is also a trained Acupuncturist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, and runs regular workshops in Dynamic Eating Psychology and Health & Wellbeing. She is also a regular speaker at events and seminars.

For more information visit www.louisejeffrey.com




Naturopath and Nutritionist

Lena Is a qualified Naturopath and is passionate about educating people on “getting back to basics” to obtain and maintain good health. Lena has raised her family in the Hills area over the last 20 years and has now set up Wise Health and Wellness in Castle Hill.  Lena is also a chemical engineer qualifying from Sydney University with a BE(Chem) after which she spent many years in industry in various roles including OH&S.  It was during this time, and, as she began her role as a mother of three children that her interest in natural health was sparked .

She completed her advance diploma in Naturopathy and she also has a Diploma in Remedial Massage all from the Nature Care College.

She provides health assessments, nutritional and dietary assessments  using naturopathic holistic approach.   Implementing healthy eating plans based on client’s needs and current health status.  Application of supplement and herbal medicine therapy as required on a case by case basis.
Prepare and deliver talks on Nutritional topics at Mind For Life, meetings and seminars.  Keep informed of latest research on nutrition topics, deciphers  and prepares materials suitable for public information.

Website www.wisehealth.com.au

Jay Vee


Personal Trainer

Jay Vee is a health and fitness professional based in Hornsby.  As a father, sports coach and personal trainer, he is passionate about connecting with the local community, to discuss the importance of health and happiness.  Through the Mind Over Weight program, Jay Vee aims to help people achieve their personal health and well-being goals in a safe and supportive environment, where people can be themselves.

Jay Vee’s focus is to help people achieve their health and fitness goals.  His philosophy is simple “I believe in creating lifetime changes. In order to do that, you must first develop a strong mindset, which will help create a strong body” says Jay Vee.  Drawing strength from his own life experiences, Jay Vee uses EFT (tapping therapy) to complement his physical training techniques, and has achieved powerful results.  He dispels the myths of fad and low carb diets, and teaches people how to increase their metabolism and become a fat burning machine.  Combining healthy eating with weights and high metabolic training techniques, Jay Vee shows his clients how to transform themselves into lean, strong, and happy individuals.  Jay Vee works with people of all ages, all body types and he has helped many people transform themselves, both inside and out.

When Mathew from North Ryde first met Jay Vee, he was in his early 30’s and he weighed over 140 kg.  In his time with Jay Vee, Mat dropped over 40kg, not to mention huge improvements in his strength, body shape, and new mindset which has given him the confidence to pursue whatever he chooses.  Mat says this has made a huge impact on his life, it has made him a “fit, confident and trim young man”.

Jay Vee’s personal background is as a sportsman (mainly football) but then injuries led to a change in direction and he took up natural body building.  Like most people he read magazines, books, and listened to all the media hype of how he should train and what he should eat.  It wasn’t until he enlisted the help of his coach who showed him how to achieve the best training results.

Website www.thefitcorpfactory.com


Food Coach,  Author and Trainer

Published author of 2 cook books. Did a cooking show on TV.

As a Food Coach I give individuals who have chronic diseases, weight issues and other dietary needs nutritional advice on healthy diets and also coach them to reach their goals.  We know that a personal relationship between an individual and a coach works very well therefore you have much more success in getting people to change.

This is not about putting people on any fad diets.  It is about coaching and educating them to remove processed and nutritionally barren food from their diet and introduce the nutritional wholesome traditional food that is long term sustainable.  How to get the best nutritious and tasty food that keeps us healthy and by getting more exercises will assist in reducing obesity, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

Meal plans are tailored to suit their individual needs and life style.  Recipes are also provided to suit ones needs.  Information is provided on where to source their food from and what to buy. 

Runs also various food and nutrition workshops.