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Directors & Board Members

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Chair Director

David Butt has more than 30 years of experience in the health system, much of it at CEO and Executive level, and has a significant record of achievement in leading and managing large, complex health and hospital systems in both the public and not for profit sectors.

David recently finished in his role as CEO of the National Mental Health Commission where he led the development of Contributing Minds, Thriving Communities – the National Review of Mental Health Programs and Services, which is leading to major changes to Australia’s mental health and suicide prevention systems.  This role reinforced with David the importance of taking a holistic view to wellbeing, taking into account the mental, physical, social and emotional needs of individuals and families – not dealing with them as separate, siloed components.  This aligns with the approach being taken by Mind for Life and its focus on a Healthy Mind for a Healthy Body.

Prior to that role David was Deputy Secretary of the Australian Department of Health including as head of Rural and Regional Health Australia, and the Commonwealth’s first Chief Allied Health Officer.

This followed 15 years as CEO of three major health system organisations: Chief Executive of Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Health and Community Care, National CEO of Little Company of Mary Health Care (the Calvary group – one of Australia’s largest not for profit hospitals and health services providers), and CEO of the Australian General Practice Network.

Prior to this David worked as an executive in a number of positions in Queensland Health, including as Executive Director of Policy and Planning and for a brief time as Regional Director of Peninsula and Torres Strait health region.

David is also a former Chair of the Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC) – the peak advisory council to all Australian Health Ministers. David recently took up the role of CEO of the National Rural Health Alliance.


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Director/General Manager

Beldluz Paredes is a qualified Life Coach, NLP, TLT and clinicalHypnotherapy trainer.  I have been running my own business for many years and have had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people.  I have always wanted to help the community especially those that cannot afford or do not have the access to the services I provide.  I also realised that there is a gap for these people in other health related services.

Mind for Life was created to address this need by providing a holistic approach for the general wellbeing of the community.  Mind for Life provides subsidised group workshops which offer access to a wide variety of tools such as personal training, nutrition, hypnotherapy etc.

We believe that in today’s society the values, beliefs, and lifestyles propagandized by mass media have aroused people's limitless material expectations and desires.  This in turn guides people to negative self-beliefs, which may cause some mental health issues. Usually people look foward taking medication as a means to treat both mental and physical issues quickly, however they neglect the underlying causes and behaviours that resulted in the illness.

Mind for Life wants to educate the community to reflect on their lifestyle choices starting from diet, change their negative beliefs, and learn to be mindful.  We want to bring personal holistic self- development plans to everyone helping them develop a healthy mind for a healthy body.  We believe that a plan such as this can lead to longer term, permanent changes that will benefit everyone!!

Please join us and come along to our holistic Workshops, Health Seminars, treatment and community support groups, which are well-designed by our holistic professional team.  Remember a healthy mind for a healthy body leads to the path of happiness and wellbeing.


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I am a certified NLP Trainer & Life Coach as well as clinical Hypnotherapist.  I specialize in helping people overcome unhealthy habits and emotional blockages and help them achieve their dreams and desires in a way that feels more easy and fun.

My Mission is to Inspire and enable for people that have been struggling with life style, weight and mental health issues to create a powerful change in their life with the help and guidance of a team of professionals that will support them and coach them to achieve a healthy and happy life style for the long term.  My ultimate mission is to create a better society were people strive to work together to achieve a better world and I believe the change has to start from the individual person.


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Non-Executive Director

Hardeep is the business owner of Know My Group.  Through 2 brands, Know My Business and Know My Life, his business helps companies build relationships through introductions and filming.  The business has operated for 5 years and is headquartered in Sydney

Prior to being a business owner, Hardeep worked in a number of different industries including financial services, technology and government clients in the UK, US and Australia.  He’s seen the commonality and the diversity in all types of businesses. Healthcare and the well being of staff and business leaders is an area of particular focus for Hardeep.

His interest in health stems from the belief that society needs to tackle mounting generational healthcare issues through action and campaigning.  And surrounding this activity, there needs to be a financial case for doing so.

Hardeep is a committee member of the Salvation Army Business Appeal Committee for Western Sydney, a committee member of Family Business Australia for NSW and ACT and through his companies, is a member of over 50 business networks in Australia and in the United States, including as a Producer member with the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.